Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Handmade Holiday - 2011

Gathered greenery and added some birch bark hearts to the ends of some twine which is holding the         swag together - all can be returned to the earth

Knitting another pair of mittens for oldest daughter in purple

Knitted cotton washcloths to go with these beautiful soaps from Old Gates Farm

Printing these gorgeous free calenders from A Number of Things

How are your holiday projects coming along?

Please feel free to share links and ideas in your comment.

Warm wishes,


  1. Lovely...blessings on your Christmas season.

  2. The simple but thoughtfull present

  3. now thats my kind of decoration!
    Beautiful knitting, love the color!

  4. I love the wreath Tonya! We have so many birch trees down from the ice storm. I have made advent logs with them. My husband drills four candle holes and I decorate with a bit of ivy and berries , insert candles and done:-)

  5. I love the simplicity of your swag.

    I would like to share what my children have made for each other for Christmas:

  6. Lovely Tonya! My projects:http://sarah-ourislandhome.blogspot.com/2011/12/handmade-holiday-cowls-and-birds.html

  7. Dear Tonya...Oh, what a festive thing to go and bedeck the halls with greenery! I will have to go back and see if you linked where your wonderful mitten pattern is from. I love the birch bark decorations on your swag, too. Happy merry-making!
    xo Jules

  8. The swag is beautiful. Please do tell what pattern you are using for those mittens! Mittens are on my list of new things to knit, and I've been looking for a good pattern.

  9. Love your birch bark. Here is our first project..doing another this week. The boys are doing a complete handmade holiday. Great to teach them the real spirit of Christmas so young! xx

  10. Snowman playdough would be a fun gift for kids...a nice stocking stuffer perhaps. http://thehandleyhome.blogspot.com/2011/12/playdough-snowmen.html

  11. Beautiful and natural. A wonderful pairing :)

  12. I love your greenery and birch bark hearts! And thank you for the soap "shout-out" :) The calendar link didn't work for me, but I love finding neat free printables. :)

  13. I love the greenery and birch hearts!
    I am knitting mittens too, and bonnets...
    Thinking of you often dear Tonya. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!
    With love, Renee

  14. A few more handmade holiday items to go. This toadstool house was a fun project to do.


  15. Thank you for that lovely calander link! It's so fun to see everyone's projects.