Friday, December 9, 2011

Glad that

there are still pumpkins in the basement (our unfinished basement makes a great root cellar) to make these delicious pumpkin bars

it has turned cold enough to make icicles and snow - enough to provide a layer of cover on the ground and trees

Emmy Sue is getting chubby and her crying times are getting fewer

that Abraham keeps taking out the yoga cards and asks me to do them with him.  We usually finish with some hopping, skipping and jumping jacks.

I am also glad that the the children enjoy a few good rounds of Simon Says - perfect for these cold days when there isn't quite enough snow on the ground yet and the ice isn't ready for skating.  I enjoy hearing their laughter and silliness as they try to trick one another into doing something when "Simon doesn't say".

I bought these DVDs from Above Rubies and would like to pass them on to the first person who leaves a comment saying they would like them.  They are a very basic introduction into living a life centered around God and family, one that proclaims children to be a blessing.

What are you glad about today?

Warm wishes,


  1. I think those DVD's would make wonderful Christmas gifts for my mom this year!

    Today I'm glad that school is finishing up for Christmas break.

  2. Am I the first one? I would love to watch those!

  3. i would love the dvds if they are still available! and emmy is getting so big! adorable.

  4. I'm glad that my kids seem to be on the mend from being sick.

  5. You always remind me to enjoy the simple things... They are truly the best! What a lovely gal your little person is becoming! Every day she is more and more individual and less that "fresh from the factory" baby! So fun to see!

  6. I am glad for so many things, Tonya! I love this post- what a sweetie that Emmy Sue is! I love this age she is at. And Abraham reminds me of my Cedar, with his long white blond hair.
    <3 Enjoy the weekend!

  7. Beautiful - we are relieved to have a bit of snow here, also. Yum those pumpkin bars sound so good!
    Blessings to you and yours.

  8. I am glad to have inspiring friends like you! :)

  9. I am glad that although we are all struggling with the flu, the children felt well enough this morning to go outside and play in the first snowfall of the year.

    Emmy is indeed looking chubby and sweet! :)

  10. I didn't know you read above rubies. I am a new reader. We have 3 kids (whom we planned) but just last spring, we decided to leave the rest of our family's growth to God. Since then, sadly, we've had 2 losses, but I'm still hopeful and excited to see where this new journey will lead us and how it will change, shape, and grow our family.
    and p.s. I'm sad I'm not the first to comment. :)

  11. Oh Tonya...That chubby little girl is adorable! How I miss that stage! I also love those curled up legs ~ their comfy position. My 17 month old still sometimes does that when I change his diaper. I'm happy to hear she is beginning to outgrow some discomfort...what a blessing for you both.
    xo Jules

  12. he is such a love and lovely to see little ones enjoying Yoga!

  13. Children are such a blessing, those DVDs sound great. I'm going to have to check them out Tonya. :) I just love baby chubs. Sweet little Emmy Sue is just adorable!

  14. Oh man! Tonya! How nice of you! And what great movies too, I'll have to check them out! Thanks for the reminder----- a God centered life, and one that includes many children as his blessing, is one of great joy and beauty!

    Bless you and all your little ones ;)


  15. I would love to have these dvd's from Above Rubies! These looks like ones I would like to share with my daughters, too. Thanks! Sue