Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter Days and Haiti

Life sometimes seems so ordinary here on our little homestead. But it is truly the ordinary moments that give us rhythm, routine, and add a peaceful feeling to our days.

Today I am just sharing and preserving some of our daily winter activities.

~making stained glass windows with kite paper~

~window stars inspired by this tutorial~

~fort making with quilts heaped upon quilts~

~hockey on our little pond~

~little ones being pulled in sleds~

~making hand dipped beeswax birthday candles for our oldest son's sixteenth birthday (done by his sister)~

I have been really sad about the earthquake in Haiti and have not even bothered to see any images from there as I feel sad enough just listening to the horror in words on NPR. After a discussion with our children at supper, we have decided to give some money, even the children want to give some from their savings. Does anyone know of a good agency to give it to?

Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. HI Tonya,
    The church we used to belong to, the pastor and his wife adopted three children from Haiti and were plannning a mission trip there this summer. Let me contact her and she should be able to give me a reputable contact. One thing they have told us is it is very corrupt there with what government they have so giving to a misisonary there may be the answer. I loved the stained glass--I was just contemplating doing those whilst reading Around The Year:-)


    I got this from a dear friend. You may want to email this gal.
    God Bless,

  3. Tonya,
    You can give the money to the Red Cross and specify that you want the money to go to Haiti relief.

    Your stars are pretty!


    Here are two more :)

  5. Soulemama has two links for organizations to give to in her post today.

  6. Be very careful about who you send any money to, there are scammers out there. But I did hear on our news this morning that you can send to Save the Children.

  7. I also like Doctors Without Borders.

  8. Tonya,

    Doctors without Borders is the most reliable and the most needy. This is their link:

    There are no hospitals or clinics standing; no bandages or drugs are available. One doctor, in one place, is trying to care for 100s alone.

    Pray for them, please!

    Love the stars and the joy of sweet faces -- especially in these dark days!



  9. I'm suggesting with Doctors Without Borders too...

  10. I'd say Doctors Without Borders and/or the Red Cross. It is a mess...DWB has said they can only do so much because of the lack of infastructure. And one of the other obstacles is getting food and supplies to those who need it outside of Port au Prince because that is where things come through. Such a sad situation. :(

  11. I will second (4th?) Doctors Without Borders. my friend who was in the Peace Corps in Haiti says they have a very strong and reliable presence there.
    Very makes my heart hurt.

  12. I too agree with Doctors without borders.

  13. I heard today that 3 Doctors Without Borders hospitals were demolished in the earthquake. :( The people of Haiti have been weighing so heavily on my heart this week. I've had to stop looking at images because it's just too disturbing.

  14. Tonya,
    When you have the time, please visit our blog. We've given you a special award. Thanks for your friendship and your inspiration.

  15. My heart has been heavy and I have been feeling quiet with all that is happening in Haiti... I too am looking at how/where to help. I am glad to see these comments.
    Thinking of you Tonya, your photos are lovely it looks like you are enjoying Winter with your family : )

  16. I have always sent money through Samaritan's Purse led by Frank Graham~Hope this helps. God bless, Rose

  17. I too find it hard to know how to deal with such things that happen in the world and go about the day to day of our lives. I do think all the little amounts add up. I think you can't go wrong with the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders.

  18. Hello Again!
    As you may know, this week a massive and catastrophic 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti.
    Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, and the devastation is massive.This is what I am doing at my church:
    This Saturday and Sunday, we are collecting a special offering that will be used by World Relief to meet the immediate needs of local congregations in Port-au-Prince and throughout Haiti.
    Please remember this week to pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti. Blessings, Rose

  19. I really like Heifer INternational and posted about them on my blog yesterday..... Just One Cup ::

  20. I really believe in Doctors Without Bordres. We have done some research over the past few years on where the money they receive goes, and it looks like they do an incredible job on making sure that the people that need it, receive it.
    Have a wonderful weekend Tonya

  21. Hey Tonya,hi everybody,

    I´ve just seen the Craft Hope Button on Tonya´s site. They opened up an Etsy Store where you can buy hand crafted items or donate (if you can´t or don´t want to give money, but do something else) your own craftwork. I also blogged about it and try to spread the word on it.

    All the best to you,
    eagerly awaiting the arrival of my first issue of "Plain and Joyful Living" (although I know it will take some time to get to Germany....),

  22. love a peek into your days..i think we need to try those window pretty.

  23. I do know what you mean about avoiding images from Haiti. The descriptions on the radio are heart-wrenching enough for me. We donated to Doctors Without Borders earlier this week.

  24. Tonya, such nice window decorations to brighten the winter.... Did I tell you that Dr. Hart left his practice to work only for Doctors Without Borders? He was already helping them several times a year but now I guess he is with them full time. I had to find a new doctor for my family.

    Cathy T

  25. Hi Tonya,
    What lovely days your family has! sad about Haiti. We gave to doctors without borders. It's hard to decide who to donate to.
    sending love,

  26. Google Hope Worldwide if you have not found a way to contribute. I love reading about your family life. And I love the little one's rosy cheeks!