Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Handmade Goodness

We live very lightly. Purchasing new items is not a daily event for us, nor even a weekly occurrence, with the exception of some food and gasoline for the car.
For Christmas we do exchange gifts and buy or make each child two new items.

I even give them something I may have found at a yard sale or consignment shop that I know one child might particularly like. For example, I found a tea set and cowgirl hat at a rummage sale for Sarah.

When I am looking for something and have not found it gently used, I will look to local artisans and then for handmade items made by artisans from afar. I just wanted to share some of the handmade items I found this year or were given to me.

Here is a handmade child's broom from Broomchick at etsy. This was for Abraham and Sarah.

A wooden rainbow stacking set from Imagination Kids for Abraham. It is pictured with some felt gnomes I made.

My husband bought me a new pottery mug from a local potter as well as a small pitcher - good for syrup or cream. I truly love using my new mug which is almost always not far from me as I drink tea, coffee, or water throughout the day. I told him that which each sip I think of him.

Knowing where an object comes from and that it was made by the hands of another, usually out of a love for what they do, is gratifying.

Warm wishes, Tonya

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  1. I love handmade gifts. Your children will grow up appreciating the effort and love that goes into "handmade".

  2. I think that the idea of handmade gifts is so important in childhood. First, it fosters the joy of making something for someone, and seeing how much they cherish that gift. It also gives them so much creativity in their early lives, which seems to only grow as they do.
    I also love how much creating handmade gives children a sense of independence and joy.
    Beautiful gifts for your little ones.

  3. I love how deliberate you are with your choices, we have a lot of similarities there. The girls gifts from us are usually all handmade with the exception of some carefully chosen beautiful books.
    Wonderful broom!

  4. Hello Tonya,
    Such beautiful gifts... I love the mug and pitcher, so special... Handmade gifts are precious and meaningful.

  5. Such beautiful items! I love handmade!

  6. We try to find second hand or handmade here too. That broom is gorgeous.

  7. There is nothing more special than a gift made just for you. Your broom is just perfect!



  8. such thoughtful and personal gifts! I love that mug!

  9. Handmade are the best! And, Etsy is full of amazing artisans. It's so nice to support each other's creative endeavors. Beautiful broom!

  10. This is awesome Tonya! It really is so great to support handmade and to know where items come from! Love the goodies!!

  11. Tonya,
    I really enjoy your blog! These gifts are lovely! I especially like the broom and plan to check Broomchick out on etsy! I love that you're brewing your coffee on the wood stove now... I think we might have to try that. We currently do all of our cooking and baking on our wood cookstove (The Pioneer Princess :), but still make the coffee with the electric gig. I think I'm going to go dig out the percolator.
    Happy New Year,

  12. Tonya, such lovely gifts and I bought one of her turkey brooms for cleaning my hearth!

  13. Oh my goodness, I love the broom! Just what we need; my youngest is so petite and complains about the adult sized brooms. The pottery is gorgeous too. the perfect gifts!

  14. I have just discovered your blog, via Rhonda's at "Down To Earth" ... and I'm going to make myself a cup of tea and keep reading!

    I love the mug & little jug - and all the thought that went into your gifts this year. I am yearning to simplify our lives here, and I'm trying to take it one step at a time!

    Willow x

  15. Buying things from consignment shops or thrift shops not only makes good economic sense, it's also a form of recycling. So many things in our throw-away society are just wasted, ending up in the landfill within a year of its purchase.