Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sour Dough Starter Failure

Well, don't leave your starter on your woodstove mantle over night! I forgot to check on it before I went to sleep and it all bubbled over...... what a stinky mess we found in the morning.

Actually, the smell was so bad that when my husband was putting more wood on the fire in the middle of the night, he feared that our dog had thrown up.

Ok, so sour dough starter part 2 -
I made it again from the beginning and now it is upstairs in the room above the woodstove where it stays a nice comfortable temperature.
So the lesson learned is do not leave your starter unattended in a very warm place.

I will keep you updated and look forward to hearing from others who are working on their own starter.

Blessings, Tonya


  1. Ack! I have had it run over when I have fed it, but not when I was starting it! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Good to know! We don't have a woodstove, therefore not a very warm place to leave it anyway. I hope it works for you this time!

  3. Haha!! What a mess, but that is totally something that would happen to me and totally something my hubby would think...that the dog had puked!! Good luck with attempt #2! :)

  4. I never left my starter out in a especially warm place. Mine just stayed on the kitchen counter the first few days and it always worked out fine. Good luck with batch #2!

  5. Good luck -- I'm sure the second time around will work out for you! Hard lesson to learn though.

  6. I've forgotten about bread rising in a warm oven before. Yikes is right.

  7. My starter is on the counter next to my fridge -- cold enough place in the winter. What do you make with yours? My son, Josh, loves to make Chocolate Friendship Bread. Let me know if you want the recipe.

  8. Oh, no! I always stored mine in the fridge, it always kept well...

  9. Oh no!!!

    I wanted to let you know, I've really been enjoying your blog. I "know" you from a couple different Waldorf lists and it's really wonderful to have this front row view of your newest adventure!

  10. Hi Tonya,
    I'm so sorry about your sourdough accident! I'd be happy to share some of my sourdough starter with you, esp. since I got my starter from you in the first place...
    I'll call you soon,