Monday, November 22, 2010

Handmade Holiday - 2010

Handmade Advent bags from Moment to Moment

Handmade Ornaments from Groovy Moments

Lots of Handmade Holiday making going on at Blue Skies Dragonflies

Apron tutorial from Spiraling

A Wool Felted Spiral Advent Mat from Heirloom Seasons

Warm wishes,

(If you requested to be added to the list of Handmade Holiday participants and don't see your blog there, please email me.  I am in between my lap top and a very old desktop as my laptop isn't working on our dial up connection right now.  I apologize if I lost someone's request.)


  1. Lovely ideas. I love to think of people in different corners of the world, busy making presents for loved ones.

  2. I've been wanting to make an advent calendar but haven't been sure what to do. love the bags!

  3. Very pretty. I am waiting for our skies to clear to upload some more of the presents we've made. I lovely post.

  4. I love seeing what everybody is making! I would love to be part of this, Tonya, and I'm embarassed to say I have had no luck getting your badge onto my blog. Hmmmm....I'll keep trying (I'm not very technologically savvy). Anyhow, enjoy your handmaking!
    xo Jules