Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Daily Work

In between the daily baking
And playing
And creating
I have been having fun wood buring ornaments for our shops here and here.

Warm wishes for a beautiful day.  For us it is filled with Thanksgiving preparations, house cleaning, and some last minute market shopping as well as driving the boys to help setup for the free Thanksgiving meal at the Elks Club.  The snow is falling and we are in for a blustery couple of days, but it will make it feel even more cozy in our little home.
I will share our partly handmade and homemade Thanksgiving tomorrow or Friday.
Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. Have a joyous and blessed holiday! Hugs to all!


  2. i love the tree decorations! very pretty!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family:)

    Love the little elephant ornament.

  4. It all sounds so lovely and wonderful. We have no snow here, but it is blustery. My youngest loves the wind and I must admit I get a kick out of it too. Your ornaments are lovely. I can't believe you accomplish so much in one day! I am inspired. Happy Thanksgiving!
    Peace, Angela

  5. Dear Tonya,

    Thank you for sharing your holiday preparations with us! I love the wooden ornaments and family fun.

    May you have a blessed Thanksgiving.



  6. Happy Thanksgiving! :D

  7. Dear Tonya

    I read a few of your posts tonight. I believe what you have here is something ever so spiritual. A step we all need to take one way or the other to simplify. I am a gather of goods with a simple heart. Not a gatherer of greed but a gatherer for one day if...I understand the principle of journeying lighter and so my step forward will one day come as I have sent my heart before my feet~

    I love your home, your life...I have spotted your loaves of bread. I am in competition as I rise early every morning to produce the best loaf of bread any Mama ever did make...Tomorrow my loaves will rise bigger and taste a little tastier. A little more kneading I think.

    Tonya have a wonderful evening. happy thanksgiving
    lots of love

  8. Your blog always gives me a sense of warmth and well-being. Thank you Tonya for sharing your Mothering thoughts and days.

    May you and yours have a bountiful Thanksgiving.


  9. Tonya...What a cozy home life you have created. I'd love to stop in for a muffin, but I'm afraid I live oh so very far away! Happy American Thanksgiving to you and yours:)
    xo Jules

  10. What lovely ornaments!