Monday, March 10, 2014

Beautiful Bright Days

Our weekend was simple, repetitive - seemingly like so many others this winter, yet full of hope. 
As the days grow longer, the sun brighter and warmer, and even
with a big snowstorm predicted on Wednesday,
we know that the earth is warming underneath and 
before long the mud will be everywhere and the 
sap will be running.


  1. Hooray for bright and beautiful days full of hope!! This weekend I felt a change in me, too - hope and motivation seemingly out of nowhere. We're supposed to be getting a snowstorm here Wednesday, too, but you're right - somehow it is beginning to feel like Spring is really coming :) I hope the hope and goodness continues through the week! Take care ~ Annie

  2. The mud arrived here today. Glad you had some happy family moments.

  3. We just got a fresh coat of snow on what started to look like some dirty piles of snow... Hoping this weather warms up before we get animals (for 4H), or this could be a cold, cold time for them!