Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Potholder for a Friend

Sharing today another granny square potholder I crocheted using yarn dyed with onion skins (yellow and red).  For this one, I used an upcycled wool blanket for the inner padding and then hand dyed some of the blanket brown for the back piece.  Finally, I added one of our birch buttons.

This potholder is a gift for a friend.  A few days ago she stopped by for a quick visit and I shared that I was in  quite a bit of pain because of swelling in the far back of my mouth just beyond my last wisdom tooth.  I have a flap of skin next to the tooth  because it was a tight fit when the tooth came in and I think an infection had formed under it.

Anyway, my friend is 70 years old and many would call her a mountain woman as she lives so simply - about 1/2 of a mile winter's walk to her humble home where she has neither running water nor electricity.   Many call her strange or crazy but I love learning from her.  She is passionate about health and nutrition.

Later that evening at about 7:00 she returned with several remedies.  She brought me Celtic salt to rinse with (I just had regular sea salt which didn't seem to be working.).  She also brought some wild rice which after a night of soaking and then cooking up will promote extra chewing to get things going.  She brought some coconut oil to massage into my face, some citric acid because Vitamin C can help so much, and some flax to warm up in wool and hold onto the sore area.   What a thoughtful friend.   She still had to drive back to her home and walk another 1/2 of a mile to her home in the dark.  

(The Celtic Salt rinse seemed to work the best!)

I am still reading True North and have started reading Little Britches aloud to the children which we are all loving.

Joining in with Ginny today for the Yarn Along.


  1. Your colours came out wonderfully! They go so well together. May I ask, what did you use for the brown dye on the blanket? That wasn't onion as well was it?

  2. I have been working on granny squares for the first time over the past few months, and I loe themn! What a great idea on how to back one for use. Love it!

  3. Please be very careful when it comes to tooth infections...don't wait to long before going to see a dentist or doctor. Anything with the tooth area and infection can cause very serious problems.

    I love your pot holder I might have to make me one : )

  4. I love your potholder, such a nice thank you gift.

  5. I hope your infection has resolved. If not, best get to the dentist asap. Infections in the mouth can weaken the heart muscle, among other bad effects. I am a great advocate of herbal and alternative medicines, but some conditions need stronger measures.

  6. love the crochet potholder! and what a blessing to have such a friend. hoping your infection has completely resolved itself.

    little britches is one of the most beloved books around here. i read it aloud to mine a couple of years back and they still remember it fondly.

  7. Tonya - I'm so sorry to hear you've now got an infection behind your wisdom tooth! I'm glad you've found at least some relief for it - hoping that you're able to get it all cleared up soon & one less wearing-down thing.

    The potholder is so nice - I love the soft natural colors, and the bit of wool(?) on the back looks so soft and cozy.

    (I like the new railing, too!) Take care ~ Annie

  8. clove oil on the area for a brief time really helps with pain as well! Hope you are mending