Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trout Lily Cake, Stonescapes, and Pollywogs

Abby made a chocolate cake and added trout lily blossoms to decorate it.

I knew Nolan had been working on cleaning out our little drainage streams on our property, but it brought a smile to my face when I noticed that he had even added a rock border on one.

Later I noticed Nolan working with some of the younger children.  This pipe is from our well overflow (there is no electricity involved, but for some reason there is this excess of water that has to flow out somewhere).  The pipe was by the edge of the pond making a muddy mess and now it is rather peaceful to look at.  We are so blessed to have this water source for watering the gardens and the animals.  It is also fine for drinking and flows year round, so we are never without a source of water.

Abraham has been spending time catching pollywogs and tadpoles.

So thankful for spring.
Warm wishes,


  1. We have tadpole catching on our list for today
    and now I think I need to add baking a chocolate cake to that list! Have a wonderful Tuesday.

  2. We are on a quest to find some toad eggs to grow and release...I heard about a pond that may have some...good luck with all the drainage!

  3. That chocolate cake look delicious! I have to ask...what are pollywogs?

  4. Pollywogs are like tadpoles. Can anyone clarify the difference, if there is one?
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  5. That cake looks good! Little water pond like that will keep kids occupied for a long time, so fun.

  6. This is terrific-love how you relate to your water and your land!

  7. Lovely! What a wonderful source you have! Corey had a small tank of frog spawn on the front porch, a spring habit around here...

  8. Happy Spring. The chocolate cake looks so good and extra pretty with the trout blossoms. There is nothing more perfect than an endless water source. I love those little guiding stones. Very nice. Enjoy your spring days.