Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Spring Days

Although the rain makes things seem peaceful and calm outside, things inside have been a bit  hectic as we spend our third day in a row mostly inside after getting used to the joys of being outside so much of the day.  The volume is rising, indoor obstacle courses are being made and the cushions are not staying on the couch.

The young ones do go outside for a little bit at a time to feed the ducks, check on the toads, or visit with the baby goats.

I have taken the opportunity to do some cleaning.  After feeling overwhelmed about where to start in terms of housekeeping, above and beyond the dishes, laundry, and sweeping - I think I am going to have each day of the week be reserved for a particular room. 
Monday - Our Bedroom
Tuesday - Dining Room
Wednesday - Kitchen
Thursday - Upstairs
Friday - Living Room
(dear husband deep cleans the bathroom on Thursdays and I give it a quick wipe down nearly each day)
So today, I washed our windows in the bedroom, shook out the lace cover on our bedstand, washed down the lamp and clock and our bureau.  I  don't plan to get to too caught up with this and fret if I miss a day because if it were nice today I would be outside planting more potatoes and the bedroom dust would have to wait until next Monday.,

Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. sounds like a perfect plan to me....we're getting lots of rain storms here too. When the sun peeks out I head outside. I'm planning to clean out the school room on the rainy days. Have a great week Tonya.

  2. I think the days of the week is great idea! I need to try something like this, some days it seems so tough to keep up with everything.

  3. Nice to know I'm not the only mother dealing with couch cushions that never stay on the couch. With all this upstate rain, my kiddos have taken to putting on their swim gear and turning the living room into a "swimming pool" complete with couch cushion diving boards.

  4. This sounds like a great plan. I used to do this and then fell off but really I should start again.

  5. Oh my goodness Tonya, the view across the pond is so incredibly beautiful!!! How eagerly you all must have been awaiting that wonderful spring green!
    Happy housekeeping to you... (housekeeping really does make me happy...)
    Love, Renee

  6. I like your plan, it's realistic. I fear we won't get to see the sun in a while here(NH) too...

  7. There is something so nice about having a pattern, a rhythm to our cleaning. I too love to rotate through our rooms, giving special attention to each and feeling like the space has been given proper attention. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  8. The sight of so much water--a pond, rain, and green grass (which is like water in plant form) just quenches my thirst.
    I've been doing a simple cleaning schedule like that, and it is heavenly.