Friday, May 20, 2011

New Instruments

Two new instruments have joined our home this week.

This first is one that Isaac purchased himself by making lots of these ~

for a women that grows pansies and sells them as flower boxes.

he bought himself an electric guitar.  I am not oh so excited about this particular instrument but it is great fun to see his enjoyment and satisfaction of having earned it himself.

And this banjo ukulele that Mike bought at our local auction house.  It was made in the 20's and it is in  good condition.  It came with a lesson book that was published during the same time period. 

I much prefer when the children play their acoustic and string instruments, but I also work hard to support their passions - and a rock, symphonic metal  band it is for the older boys.

Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. You have a full band now! LOL It is good for their Math skills, so there is a good side to all the instruments... I guess... Remember, I live with a drummer... :)

  2. Tonya,
    I feel your pain with the electric guitar..LOL! Luckily we have a studio in our barn and anything needing amps or drums must go there:-) But I agree, if I didn't have the space, they could play inside, I might have to go outside, but they could play...LOL! We had the police here two weeks ago because someone said it was too loud--we don't know who complained as there is really no one around us. Of course the officer was cool and the kids thought this was great!

  3. so fantastic! The pride of such a purchase for a young man. And the banjo is a riot, Greg has a few of these things, a guitjo, and a banjolyn...both of which he adores!

  4. How wonderful to have music in your home! I would love to play,but wasn't blessed with that gene. My poor piano just sits!

  5. Oh, it is wonderful that Isaac got to experience using his hands to earn something for himself!
    I hear you on the preferred musical instruments- right now Ella and Ollie are young enough to be happy with violin and cello. . .what will happen when they're older, I wonder. They both study classically, but I would love to get Ella fiddle lessons and Ollie jazz (double bass) someday when they're older. Perhaps this would help with the teenage passion for "cool music?" ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend, Tonya- let's pray for good weather so that we can get work done in the gardens!

  6. Oh, music is wonderful family fun! Our family all plays various instruments. We go through phases of electric and acoustic sounds, but they're both just as fun! Good luck to the young musicians!


  7. Oh I am jealous of the banjo!

  8. I would feel the same way about an electric guitar, I think, and I admire your sons hard work to earn something he feels so passionately about. :)