Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Reading and Knitting for the Yarn Along

Joining in again with Ginny from Small Things.

Just about finished with the other sock for Sarah.  And I cast on a sock for Abby in a wool/nylon sock yarn blend that is self striping and I am using the same two needle sock pattern that I mentioned last week.  For Abby, who is a size 3/4 in youth shoes, I cast on size 2 needles, 60 stitches.

Yesterday two goat related publications came in the mail.  One is a catalog of goat supplies from Hoegger Supply and the other is Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats.
It seems that I just can't read enough about them lately.

What are you reading and what handwork project is in your basket or on your counter or table?
Warm wishes,


  1. Love that self-striping sock! Is there a pattern you recommend for that size socks? My daughter wears a size 1 shoe, but I haven't found a good pattern for her. I really like the Easy Toddler Socks for my youngest (I actually blogged a pair this morning) but I haven't found a good middle size sock pattern yet.

  2. This past weekend I bought some yarn and needles to try to make the socks that your are making. I wrote out the pattern yesterday...I have always wanted to make a pair of socks but I get all tangled up with the double pointed needles. I hope to start on them today and show at least my effort next yarn along ~smile~

    Blessings to you,


  3. Your self stripping sock is just adorable! I love the colors! I have the same catalog now I just need the goats.

  4. Such lovely photos! They make me want to be right there with you. Your socks look amazing! Only two needles? That sounds less stressful than the 4 and 5 needle patterns I've tried out.

    Lately I've been knitting a Rusted Root sweater. It's so fun to watch it take shape.

  5. Your sock are too cute. I really like that painting (?) on the cover of the supply catalog.
    I finally finished my son's elf hat and I am searching for a new obsession to go along with the leg warmers I am knitting pour moi.

  6. Your socks are beautiful! In my knitting bag now is a wool vest for myself in beautiful greens that remind me of the woods. It is the first thing other than mittens/hat that I've knit for myself, and also the largest project yet! On my kitchen counter are kohlrabi, sunflower, and swiss chard seeds ready to be planted tomorrow.

  7. We read Storey's guide to raising ducks before we got our backyard flock.
    Love the socks!

  8. The socks look great :). Since blogging Ive been thinking about learning how to know socks (do I need another hobby? hmm..) lol. And Ive loved reading about your goats, they are so cute :)

  9. As it so happens, I'm also reading Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats :)

    I've got some produce bags for the market on the needles right now. Not sure yet if I like the pattern or not, it sure is taking a long time to finish one bag...hrm...

  10. Dear Tonya,
    I love that yarn, the self-striping! How fun!
    We love the Storey's guides- we have the poultry one, and the sheep one. :)

  11. Your striping is turning out beautifully! I'm at work on a lace shawl and another pair of socks. :)

  12. Great socks! Isn't the self-striping wonderful?? Reading... depends on the room.. living room "Hobby Farm Home" current issue .. bedroom Bible and "The Journal of George Fox" AND "The Journal of Margaret Fox".... kitchen -- gardening stuff... car Agatha Christie novel -- Isn't that rather ADHD??? :)

  13. Also love that self striping yarn. Can you share what it is?