Friday, March 25, 2011


This is what it still looks like outside our front door.

The sap is running very slowly.  The temperature today is just 33 degrees F.

With all the snow still on the ground, it is hard to come up with many outside chores.  But today we are working on some firewood.  It is nice because you can walk right on top of the snow.  With sleds, we are all pulling the wood over to the pile.  The older boys are doing a bit of splitting - a perfect temperature for this.

Isaac decided he would like to start a fire to burn the brush.

The children don't seem to mind.

To add a bit of green inside, I glued some moss that we collected last fall to a vine wreath.

Yesterday my friend reminded me that in less than one month's time, we will be planting our onions and other cold crops.  That sounded good - real good.

Warm wishes,

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