Monday, March 28, 2011


We were mostly home this weekend.  There is always so much to be done.  The firewood gathering continued as the temperatures remained cold. 

I cleaned out the back barn to get ready for two doe kids (baby goats!).  This is the before picture.

This rough structure was here when we bought our little homestead.  It is a small barn/shack.  But I much prefer to call it a barn.

We had a wonderful offer over the weekend.  Our homesteading neighbors (whom I have mentioned here before) offered their barn to us - for us to take it down and then we will reconstruct it at our place.  This is such a blessing.  They no longer keep sheep and it is just several years old and a nice size, 14 x 14 feet.
So instead of having to work from scratch (which carpentry is just not Mike's strength - of course he has many talents, but this is simply not one of them), we will have a clearly defined system to build our barn!

While working in the barn, I looked behind to check on Isaac and his fire pit and look what I saw!  He told me that the trees were growing marshmallows. 

Yesterday afternoon Abby and Sarah made some butter from local organic cream to go with our biscuits at supper.

How was your weekend?
Warm wishes,

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