Sunday, March 6, 2011

Beauty that Surrounds Us

Even though the snow begins to pile up outside my window once again,
I am grateful for the beauty of the fresh layer of snow and am continually in
awe of this beautiful land - truly part of God's perfect creation.

"It would go a great way to caution and direct people in their use
of the world if we were better studied and knowledgeable
about the creation of it. 
For how could we find the confidence to abuse it,
while we should see the Great Creator stare us in the face,
in all and every part thereof?"

William Penn, 1692


  1. What a beautiful quote! I too blogged about this unexpected snowfall...I don't have the heart to curse it, as it makes everything look so clean and pretty. As much as I long for Spring, I have the sense to be grateful for one more day (at least!) to nestle into the warmth of a wood-heated home in winter.

  2. The other day it snowed and snowed and I was feeling very sorry for myself...I was feeling SO sick of the snow, and just failing to see the beauty of this world covered in a blanket of there is much's up to our knees outside, and I'm feeling like I can enjoy the magic of this snowfall...enjoy the trees covered with snow...enjoy the fire in the woodstove and the sight of pink cheeks!
    You're absolutely's perfect!
    xo maureen

  3. I find myself welcoming the snow with open arms. That much more time to ski! And I know that it will only last a short while, before we move into that quiet of transition between seasons.

    You really are surrounded by beauty. And you remind us that we *all* are.

  4. I love hearing your positive attitude about the snow! We live in a place that gets no snow.....and very little seasonal change for that matter. We DREAM of snow. Our kids WISH for snow. We all hope to one day live where we get a bit....even just a we can enjoy 4 full seasons. When I tell people we dream for snow they all roll their eyes and complain about snow. It's so beautiful, so peaceful, so perfectly made. I love hearing someone who lives in quite a lot of it see its beauty and exactly what the Creator was doing when He planned it.

  5. We are covered in a new layer of snow to and even though I would love to see spring appear right now I do love the beauty of winter :) That bright coating of white that brightens the grayer days of winter is such a blessing and I'll take it anytime over rain :) Such a lovely quote to!

  6. Here in Israel we are also looking at the weather and the fact it has not rained much in the last few years maybe we need to look at how we can conserve the resources that were given to us

  7. Brilliant quote!

  8. Tonya...I do so love the snow. I'm happy to hear you embracing its (continuing) arrival. Spring shall arrive one day, and then we may (gasp!) miss the snow:)
    xo Jules