Sunday, December 27, 2009

Relaxing and Refreshing

We had a joyous few days of rest and play. Our new favorite family game is Bananagrams (given to our two oldest boys) and have played countless rounds over the last three days. New books are being read. We have had many hours of skating on our pond with hockey games that included Mom, Dad, and Poppa.

I am ready to take down the tree today and clear away the few decorations and make ready for the new year. I was amazed out how clear my mind became with each passing hour on Christmas day. I had not realized that I was consumed with all the details building up to Christmas.

Now my mind is free to explore new ideas and goals for our family's homestead and business and homeschool plans for the coming year.
I will be putting the winter edition of Plain and Joyful Living together over the coming week. This issue includes writings by one subscriber and an essay by a homesteading neighbor.
Here are some glimpses of the last couple days....

~ Abraham helping Poppa open his stocking

~ the joy of painting with a new set of paints

~Sarah with her new (second hand) cowgirl hat

~a snowperson inspired by the book Stranger in the Woods, complete with nuts scattered on his hat for the birds and a carrot nose for the "big buck" to come and eat

I am working on some new and exciting projects and ideas to share on my blog as our family continues on our journey of a simpler, less traveled path.

Warm wishes and blessings, Tonya


  1. Looks like a beautiful celebration! Sarah is just beautiful in her new cowgirl hat. :) I love the Stranger in the Woods snowman. We love that book too!

  2. Such wonderful celebration... Wishing you a wonderful New Year...

  3. I found "Stranger in the Woods" at a local thrift store for new! I gave it to our grandbaby Trena for Christmas.

  4. my oldest son got bananagrams also and we are ADDICTED!!!!!!!!!! we play first thing in the morning - everytime we pass the kitchen table - then again before bed!!!!!!!!

    fun fun!

  5. What a lovely day you had! I haven't seen Bananagrams. I have no little ones in house; but, I will be finding it for my special little folks to play.

    Can't wait to read your next newsletter!

    Happy New Year!


  6. It sounds like you all had a wonderful holiday! Three cheers for Bananagrams ... we *love* it at our house, too!

  7. Tonya! We love Stranger in the Woods and read it a lot each winter season! I too am ready to take down the decorations and get on with the new year! We spent many hours yesterday cleaning out and organizing the girl's rooms and it just feels so good! I am exctied for your winter newsletter and to follow you into the new year with a similar vision!!

  8. We used to skate on a neighbor's pond when I was little. It doesn't get cold enough here anymore for skating on ponds; bit of a bummer. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.