Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Living Deliberately

I just want to share a wonderful post at the Down to Earth Blog. It is about living your life deliberately. It is the way our family has chosen to live. We also often posed the question - how is it possible to do this with children? Are we sheltering them? Not giving them all they "need"?

One way that I respond to these queries is that our children can always choose the world's way, but by being raised in our simple, hands on learning/working environment they will have lived a different life and now have a choice on how to live their lives as they mature. Living deliberately won't be foreign to them. They may choice to opt out even more than we have or they may choose to be in the corporate world, live in the suburbs and go on extravagant shopping sprees. Whatever they choose we will love them with all our hearts.

It is possible to consider everything that we do and be deliberate - with or without children.

Read the article here - it is great food for thought.

Warm wishes.


  1. Wonderful article. We struggle with these same issues ourselves, and our only hope is that no matter what our children choose, that they know we lived in a way that we felt was best for them

  2. The way you are raising your children is such a gift to them. As you said even if they opt out they know the true meaning of family working and playing together. I would have loved to raise my children this way but got caught up in the commercial, get ahead world and now that I am able my children are grown.

  3. I love your posting today; it reminds me of Thoreau's other essay "Life without Principle."

    Your blog gives me pause and makes me thing of my own choices.



  4. what a sweet blog you have here! i found you via gardenmama...
    this topic, my husband and i were talking about this over lunch today. how sad it is that the church as a whole has bought into the fast paced nature that the world has to offer. and what a departure it is to slow down and live alongside our children. thanks for this post...

  5. purposeful is one of my big words. I feel strongly that if you don't live your life with specific purposeful intentions you'll end up being carried away by the current. I'm off to read the article that you've linked to...Thanks!

  6. So much to think about and consider as I shape my ideas and practice of being a parent. Thank you for sharing.