Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8

Cones....another gift from God....

We made an amazing discovery - at least to us....

On our walks down our gravel country road we have been collecting cones lately. I had been hesitant to pick up these cones that were very skinny and long but as that was all I could find along the road on our last walk and I wanted a bunch to adorn our mantel, I collected many and lined the edges of our mantel that is above our woodstove hearth. A few days later, the cone began to open and the most beautiful cone of all has formed. The heat opened the cone up.

Now for the magical part... I picked one up to look at it more closely and out dropped the little seeds spinning beautifully down to floor (like a helicopter's blade whirling around). They are small, less than an inch long and a golden color. As you shake the cone, more come gently whirling down....

These type of cones are from the Norway Spruce.

Here is a pinecone that our daughter, Abby, decorated with pieces of wool felt in rainbow colors. Each color she glued a small piece of felt to the tip of the cone and continued up in a spiral. The result is a beautifully decorated cone and as you spin it the rainbow colors merge into one another looking from the top.

Warm wishes. Tonya


  1. Isn't nature wonderful:) The decorated cone is beautiful...

  2. so neat how the warmth opens them up...kinda like our hearts!? I love your daughter's creation...that had to take some time and dedication. It's beautiful.

  3. They are so lovely aren't they? I have them all over the yard and I also pick them up to decorate our baskets through out the winter.

    Thank you for sharing.


  4. Isn't that beautiful? Oh, the lessons we can learn from everyday miracles!



  5. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I love the cone decorated with wool felt. :)

  6. The felt-tipped pinecone is gorgeous!


  7. How neat Tonya! I love how Abby decorated the cone!

  8. Did you know you can put them in the oven on some foil on low and that will open them and also make the sap glisten.