Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22

In addition to the daily dishes, baking, cooking, getting our almost two year old out of things he shouldn't be into, hanging clothes to dry, adding wood to the fire, wrapping a gift or two, snuggling by the woodstove to read stories, finishing up some last minute orders to ship, checking on the chickens, cutting some more evergreens to refresh indoor decorations, lacing up skates ~ we have also been up to ~

~ designing a gnome knitting kit for our shop, it includes a hand woven basket, wool for stuffing, enough Peace Fleece yarn for knitting the main body and the skin color, and the pattern ~

~ making three dimensional snowflakes that look lovely hanging from our beams ~

~ inspired by GardenMama, making candied orange chocolate peels. (Can you tell that the children did the dipping?)~

~ discovering that under the chocolate advent calender that my father gave the girls is a plastic mold and wouldn't it be lovely for making miniature beeswax ornaments ~ (how did they discover this when it isn't Christmas yet?)

Blessings and warm wishes during this beautiful time.


  1. So much goodness here! I love the gnome kit - great idea. love the candied orange peels - orange and chocolate is my favorite combination. Happy holidays to you and your family. and thank you for all the inspiration you provide for living simply and beautifully.

  2. Sounds like what is going on at my home:-) I can't wait for you to unveil your kits, I bet they will be lovely!

  3. I love those snowflakes. I've got to try them out -- we've got a pretty good snowflake-hanging beam at my house too!

  4. The snowflake is amazing! I just found your site and it is wonderful. Can't wait to explore!

  5. As always your days sound lovely, i love your gnome knitting kit what a wonderful idea! I am so happy you made the candied chocolate orange peels : ) yummm!! Your snowflakes are so beautiful what a sweet addition to your celebrations! xo

  6. Ooo, ooo! Thank you for the advent calender re-use idea! We have two of those kinds of calenders right now and it never would have occurred to me to re-use them in that way. Perfect. Have a lovely Christmas. I like December 22 because we are entering the home-stretch to Christmas day and it's my nephew's birthday. :o)

  7. So busy Tonya!! That gnome knitting kit is so cute...may have to get one of these!! We have one of those stars hanging in our front window and I love looking at it from inside and outside!

  8. the snow flake is incredible!
    happy holidays to you and your beautiful family!

  9. Your house is filled with such beauty....every time I visit I feel it!
    Much love,

  10. Hello Tonya, What wonderful little holiday moments you are fitting into your busy days!

    I was surprised yesterday by your package in the mail! It is so sweet that you thought of me!!!
    Very much appreciated, such a kind gesture! Thank you so much!

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season!

    With love, Renee

  11. Another lovely day. I really like the snowflake and that gnome knitting kit... what a great gift idea!

  12. wonderful stuff...your gnome kit is a great idea! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!