Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What to do with some of that candy.....

My children requested toothpicks so they could create with all their sticky candy....

We also made some twig books from this tutuorial -

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Warm wishes. Tonya


  1. fun idea with the candy! glad you could use the tutorial and make some books! Have a great day!

  2. That is a pretty neat way to use up some of the candy!

  3. I love what your children made!!
    I took out all of the sticky candy from my kids bags, what a fun activity we could try : )
    I love the twig books too!
    Thank you for your kind link mama!

  4. Aren't your children just the most creative around? What a great activity!

  5. What a GREAT idea for the candy...better as a decoration than in our bellies!

  6. I love the candy art! Love the twig books too! You are truly a creative family!.....I would never have thought to make candy art!
    love, sara

  7. The twig books are great as is the candy art! Lovely blog you have!