Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Let my life speak"

I was moved by this quote while reading an essay in a Quaker publication today. The most simple way to spread God's love is to let your life speak.- truly live it. Listen to that quiet voice within yourself. This will not always be easy because when we try to go our own way there will be a struggle, but when we go God's way, that struggle will cease.

We had a nice family weekend. Saturday my nine year old and I spent the day in town while we dropped the two oldest boys off for pizza and bowling with friends. Abby and I had a simple lunch at a church bazaar and found a booklet about basket making, a cowgirl hat for Sarah for Christmas, purchased yarn at the local yarn shop to knit my two oldest boys hats in their color requests.
Saturday night I snapped this photo - four of the children playing a card game by the woodstove.

Today after a crisp morning walk and Quaker meeting, we did some firewood work, chicken coop cleaning, baking, and while clearing a bank for our blueberry bushes Sarah found this little bird's nest.

Abe trying out his father's chainsaw work gear.

Warm wishes.


  1. Sounds (and looks) like a wonderful spent together as a family.

  2. What a lovely day you had :)
    Made me think of the days mine sat in front of our woodstove (which sits kitty-corner like yours! Did your husband make it?)and played with Legos...hmm...wonder if they would do that again for me this Thanksgivin????

  3. I love it when I see the kids playing games together! Glad you had a great weekend! I really like your quote about letting your life speak in order to spread God's love.