Sunday, November 1, 2009

Simple Sunday

I just wanted to share the words to a song from a CD by Lori Coronato (Journey Home)

caught in words and caught in forms
the way things ought to be
judgments fly, I don't know why
Sometimes we disagree
quick to think I know the heart
so much that I can't see
pages I will never know
a silent history
help me love the way you love
help me see the way you do
clothe me with compassion
and fill me with your truth
a gentle word may turn the wrath
but I'm so quick to fight
I've got my reasons all lined up
I'm always justified
I've got my answers for the questions
I've made up my mind
so busy fixing others lives
can't see what's wrong with mine
when will I ever learn to be
a reflection of the love you've given me


  1. Amazing. A simple, yet powerful reminder. Also something God has been poking at me this week- how I think about others, how I talk about others. Thanks for the reminder.
    The Girl in the Pink Dress