Monday, November 2, 2009

Handwork Updates and Halloween Goodness

My girls made these little clothespin dolls - we used wool roving for the hair, acorn caps for hats, and scraps of fabric for the clothing.

I have been working on some products for our store.

Here is a toddler gnome and ball set~

And a hat and baby bootie set~

For Halloween my children all made their own costumes except for Sarah (age 5) - I made her an owl costume.

We have ( from right to left) Sarah as an owl, Abby as a cat, and Isaac as a trash can. Little Abraham was a flower (I found the costume at a thrift shop). Oh.... it was a windy, rainy Halloween night, but they braved the weather with my dear husband and managed to still come home with their bags much too full of candy.

Warm wishes. Tonya


  1. They look adorable! The trash can is great! ;) Love the gnome and ball set. Our rainbow gnomes are very loved here!

  2. Your kids are so cute! I love the trash can...very creative!

  3. that trash can is such a wonderfully creative idea!

  4. such clever kids you have! I love that little hat and bootie set. Have a wonderful week!

  5. Oh I love those clothes pin dolls! Your children are amazing at handwork.

    They all so adorable for Halloween. Glad that you all had a nice holiday

  6. What creative and amazing children to come up with such great costumes!