Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Warm Woolies

I continually keep myself open to opportunities to serve. With six children, homeschooling, running our home-based businesses, etc... - time seems to go by much too quickly. However, I know that serving is ultimately what we are called to do.

Knitting is one of my passions and thus combining knitting and serving just seems to be a natural combination for me. Therefore, I plan to knit up some hats for this wonderful organization.

In addition, my family and I have decided to give 10% of our retail sales at Natural Earth Farm and Fiber Studio to Warm Woolies. This will help them with their shipping costs and administrative costs.


  1. What a neat charity. I knit all the time to keep the arthritis in my hands at bay. Have lots of yarn leftover from projects, so this is a natural for me. Would love to knit for children! Thanks for directing me to this charity!


  2. What a wonderful gift. That is such an amzing group to give to.

  3. you are always a blessing when you give to others. thanks for the reminder that we're here to serve and be a blessing to others.