Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sunday - Baseball, Family, and Bounty

On Sunday at 1:00 pm we headed to a town a 25 minute drive away for Isaac to have another game - Fall Baseball.

Thank goodness for the younger children's sakes there was a playground within site of the game - pure joy! And I caught glimpses of the 15 and 13 year old boys enjoying some swinging time as well.

After the game we stopped for a very rare Chinese food take home.

Upon arriving home and enjoying our meal, we went for a walk to pick more of the garden's bounty.

Then to top of the day, we went out for an icecream.

Pure joy and we are so thankful.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day. Look at all those tomatoes! The frost got to mine before I could pick them so I have "tomato envy"!


  2. Your garden bounty looks wonderful! The gnomes arrived over the weekend and my youngest couldn't be more thrilled. He has taken some combination of them to bed with him every nap and night since they arrived. Thanks again! (There's a pic and link on my blog.)