Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Around the Homestead

Our oldest son, Thomas, helped to clear a trail around our pond on one side that was overgrown. He even added a little bridge.

Here is Abraham following Sarah down the path.

Well, the last of the vegetables have been canned, the last of the tomatoes made into sauce, and the pumpkins and winter squash all picked. Our thoughts turn to handwork and winter preparation.

Winding some yarn while enjoying the beautiful day around the wheelbarrow handles.

I have added some yarn from Peace Fleece to our online store - Natural Earth Farm . The above shade is Moldova Burgandy. It is beautiful.


  1. The yarn is beautiful! Thomas did a great job on the bridge. Happy autumn to your family! It sounds like you're having a great one.

  2. Wow, Thomas did a great job. I look forward to the kiddos being able to help like that (although, I don't want the to grow up too fast :))

    Your yarn looks beautiful, I adore peace fleece.

    Are the leaves just gorgeous in the North East right now?

  3. The yarn is beautiful!!! I am now learning to knit and I was wondering if you could post about some simple projects you have made:)


  4. Winding yarn on your wheelbarrow handles is just perfect. Enjoy your settling in...sounds perfect.

  5. What a picturesque place to wind wool :-) And such a pretty colour. I love thinking of you preparing for winter - it sounds just like my favourite chapters in Little House in the Big Woods! Your house must be bursting with goodness. Have a lovely day. p.s. I love the sound of your newsletter - very imaginative and such a good step back so that we may slow down and enjoy a more simple life.

  6. A really simple knitting project is the little knit gnome pattern that I have a link to on the right hand column on my blog. Another pattern for a knit gnome baby hat to come this week.

  7. Gorgeous yarn! Looks like a great day!