Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Simple with Baby

As our family's parenting philosophy evolved to a more natural, attachment style parenting and as our concern for the environment grew and as we strived to simplify our lives, we noticed that we started letting go of more and more stuff.

With our newborns now joining us in bed, we no longer needed cribs and as they developed the ability to roll over, we made them a bedding spot on the floor for naps when I was unable to lay with them. Our most expensive item which is now being used for the third time is an Ergo baby/toddler carrier. It can be used to carry the newborn on the front and older babies up to age 3 or so, on your back. The way this carrier distributes the weight on your back makes it nearly effortless. We believe that having baby as close as possible to Mom or Dad is important.

We truly don't use any other baby devices. No rockers (except Momma and Dad), baby seats, mobiles, hanging toys for them to grab. A hand sewn quilt makes a lovely floor blanket for baby. A hand knit toy of wool for a baby to grasp or a hand cut piece of maple that has been sanded smooth to use as a teether is sufficient. Hand dyed silks provide a lovely peek-a-boo blanket and smooth texture for baby's hands. Hand knit wool balls can be stuffed lightly to provide a grasping toy.

As baby gets older to join the family at the dinner table, we simply seat baby on Mom or Dad's lap until he/she is old enough to sit up in a tall wooden high chair. We also have never used sippy cups. I found some old fashioned juice glasses made of a thick glass at a thrift shop work well and with just a very small amount of water in until they learn to drink properly are good way to start. Yes, there are many spills, but by 18 months or so, they will be doing just fine with their very own glass of juice at the breakfast table, for example.

I breastfeed our babies thus there is no need for bottles. In addition, we cloth diaper for at least the first year. Amanda Blake Soule has a new book out with nice directions about making your own. You also may be able to find some used ones to get started with.

Finally, it should go without saying, that a good quality infant car seat is an absolute must.


  1. I think it's great that you've so consciously thought through what works for you and your family. Often times simplifying things really does take thought and effort, but the payoffs are so worthwhile!

  2. How lovely to hear of your life with babes, this is exactly how we have done things as well : )
    Enjoy your week!