Friday, January 16, 2015


Our oldest, Thomas, turned 21 yesterday.
And how amazingly blessed did I feel to have he and his fiance, Sam, here as well as our next oldest son, Nolan, and his wife, Rachel.  

To have Thomas attending all four years of college just 35 minutes away (he has an apartment on campus) has been such a gift that I will always be grateful for -  the extra time together.

And, believe it or not, he shared his very first beer with his father, but could not stand the taste and had just a few sips.


  1. Very Happy Birthday to Thomas

    I am sure he has felt blessed also-having his independence yet being near his Family


  2. Many congratulations to all of your family! Those are lovely photos of you. Our daughter tasted champagne last year and thought it was vile. Probably for the best!

  3. Happy b-day wishes to you eldest! Sweet memories, to be sure. And that he wore the crown and let you post a pic! :)

  4. Great birthday wishes to him. I can't stand beer either and neither can my sons this is good :) they do grow up so fast.

  5. I am 54 and I still do not like beer. Someone recently described it as burnt toast and that is exactly right! I do love a good glass of wine though.

    Happy Birthday to your son #1!