Thursday, January 22, 2015

Around Here

Upstairs ::
Sarah is working on her bedroom.  She wants a space to call her own.

In the kitchen ::
cupcakes, our daily egg or two (can't wait for spring for more), and making onion garlic soup

By the wood stove ::
A new nook for knitting
On the needles - a Lady Kina and another Claret Cowl

Outside the Kitchen Window ::
the chicken coop on a beautiful winter day


  1. every girl should have their own space as they grow up, just like us women do. You have yours by the wood stove ;D mari

  2. I would love the UK to have the kinda snow you get. It's beautiful. Looks like little lady is having the most pleasure painting.

  3. How lovely that you are getting a couple of eggs each day! Our hens must be on winter break... hopefully they will start laying soon. Beautiful photos, thank you.

  4. Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing your day. Pam

  5. I love your daughter's determination. And artistic flair!

    That cardigan looks lovely. I'm going to go check out the pattern.

  6. Ha ha - it turns out I already had the cardigan in my Ravelry library. Great knitters think alike? Thanks for the reminder! :-)

  7. I love the footprints in the heart, that is just so sweet.