Monday, January 5, 2015

As the Wind Blows and the Temperature Drops

The children bundle up and go outside for even just a few minutes and I am grateful to have animal chores to do that force me to enjoy the raw beauty of the day.

We find some pine branches blown down with the wind, heavy with pine cones and put them over our birch curtain rod.

I knit another claret cowl and sip tea and am so thankful to have a home and a wood stove to keep us warm.


  1. I wish we could bring the outdoors into our home. We have terrible allergies. Your pine cones look beautiful with your curtains. We don't have any snow but it sure is cold. Your knitting is lovely!!!!

  2. Those cowls are beautiful. We had 11 inches of snow yesterday but temps in the low 40's today so it's all melting already.

  3. Working with the homeless always makes me worry when the temps get so low. Some will not go to the shelters so I wake at night and feel desperate for them sometimes.

    1. God bless them all and keep them safe

  4. Wowsers! That looks cold! I was grumbling about a frost here the other day as the car window had frozen on the outside AND the inside! But it's nothing compared to the weather your way! It looks beautiful though :)

  5. I really miss our woodstove. On top of our spring fix-it list is the chimney! Especially since the past few winters have been SO cold!

    I just love your knitting. I am teaching (re-teaching) myself to knit. I am trying to take it stitch by stitch. Say warm!

  6. Just look at all your beautiful snow, how I wish I had a little bit of it here! I love your pine additions to your home, to me there is nothing more pretty that what is found in nature.

  7. Here in the mountains of PA, the wind is blowing something fierce. So good that you are warm and toasty inside ;)

  8. Love your birch curtain rod! I love to knit by my wood stove. Love the color of your Claret Cowl.

  9. How very creative and a wow! moment for me- I have never seen a snow horse before-
    It looks so much fun