Friday, October 5, 2012

Moments from the Week

Well it has been a wet, rainy week this past week - eight days of damp weather.  I still have the same clothes hanging on the clothes line - eight rinse cycles I guess.
Thankfully, it has been warm which has made it possible for us to go outside in between showers.

this is a view down our driveway

Our found on the side of the road free ride on toy with a replaced branch "steering wheel"

With all of the indoor time this past week, we decide to make roll and cut out cookies.

morning oatmeal

Wishing you a weekend full of beautiful moments,


  1. I wish I had a driveway like yours! :) Lovely photos!

  2. It's been quite rainy here as well. The sun is shining now, though, and the fall garden is starting to take off. I love the wood steering wheel that you added to the little ride-on toy. So cute! Your family is so inspiring! Blessings for your weekend, Tonya!

  3. Oh beautiful Tonya...just lovely to see your driveway. Here in the mountains, the colors are coming on quite beautifully! Autumn is just the best time of year :)

  4. 8 rinses later... *giggles*

    Beautiful colours, Tonya...I love that part of autumn!

  5. our fall color is just starting...I love this season! Have a great weekend!