Monday, July 23, 2012

Simple Joys

Just simple objects such as a basket of wheels we use to make our birch play cars for our business....

Rolling a wheel to her, she squeals in delight.

Dropping a wheel into the basket, her smile is infectious.  I sing a clean up song to her.

Hitting the wheels together produces a wonderful clanging sound.

 Excitement fills her whole body when I imitate her and join in.


  1. What joy to have her in your life Tonia :)

    Peace be with you today...


  2. How wonderful Tonya, so sweet.

  3. so sweet! my son has started to sing and dance - he asks for songs and these simple songs too fill him completely with joy. i am reminded of how amazing that true joy and presence is...

  4. she's as pretty as a peach. how sweet your days.

  5. oh Tonya, she's just so precious. You all must be just adoring her and having so much fun!