Monday, July 9, 2012


I recently treated myself to the new book, Reinvention by the wonderfully sweet, creative and oh so talented Maya.   She included a hand stamped lavender sachet and hand stamped little book ( she hand carved the stamps) and a little hand note of appreciation inside the book.

I have enjoyed her blog for several years.  One of the aspects of her creating that I appreciate is how she uses what is available instead of buying new materials, to make useful and beautiful things.  

This satchel is one of the projects from her book.  I used materials on hand - some linen and batting from a big box of supplies a neighbor passed on to me and some cotton patterned fabric I had purchased years ago.

I love how simple it was to sew up and plan to make some in different sizes using old jeans and other cast offs I have in my stash.

Then just a few days later our neighbor called to see if we wanted a large bag of stuffing as they are cleaning up their attic in preparation for moving.
Well, yes I answered.  Not knowing how large the bag was going to be.  
Now, though, I can use it to make some of the "poufs" in Reinvention.  


  1. Wow! that is a really large bag of stuffing! I imagine your children will love the poufs, mine have sat/played/rolled on them at a friend's home and I plan on making a couple for them, as soon as I find a good (cheap or better~ free!) source of stuffing!

    I have requested Maya's book at our library, it looks wonderful!

  2. It's beautiful Tonya! And all that stuffing! Pouf city! So glad you're enjoying Reinvention!

  3. How fascinating her book seems! I love how motivated you are! Wish you could pass some of it to me! I THINK about doing things... I just don't get them all done!

    Hope all is cooler there!

  4. I love the satchel! It is so fun to "recycle" something useless into something cool! Have a great Monday.

  5. I have one of those poufs in the works, but as I am stuffing it with bits and pieces of fabric that can't be used elsewhere, it is kind of slow going. Your satchel looks fantastic.

  6. Very nice Tonia...the book is a really great way to become inspired to sew :) your satchel is very nice and how wonderful that you used what you had on hand...


  7. The satchel turned out great and what a gift of stuffing! I don't have Maya's new book looks like a fun one.

  8. Since moving to the country I've been amazed at the kindness and generosity of our neighbours, I already feel there is no way to pay them back! What a wonderful gift, cant wait to see what you make!