Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Full of Gratitude

for creative children

more blueberries than last year on our now three year old bushes

for family and friends that came to celebrate on Saturday

that a bucket of water on the floor beside me on a hot evening can keep Emmy occupied while I do the dishes

for the rain this morning!!!

for my parents that have Abby with them these two weeks - for swimming, ice cream, & a weekend trip to Niagra Falls

for all the blessings from you - my blog readers -  that encourage, share, and leave supportive comments - thank you.

What are you thankful for this morning?
Warm wishes,


  1. I'm thankful for your reminders to be thankful for the small blessings throughout the week!
    I'm also thankful for a hand-me-down swing that has put my Charlotte back to sleep so I can get some work done this morning. And for modern technology and a compassionate boss, both of which allow me to work from home twice a week.

  2. Rain! Rain! Rain!
    Congratulations to your son!

  3. lovely post! http://oldgatesfarm.blogspot.com/2012/07/seven-things.html

  4. I am grateful for:

    the firewood that was cut and stacked in 90-degree weather yesterday will keep us just as warm in the winter;

    the pigs are growing;

    the baby goats are ready to wean;

    that I have six dozen ears of corn to can;

    that I have a peck of tomatoes for sauce to can;

    that I have a job that I basically like and is getting me debt-free;

    and, that I have the chance to visit with you and be reminded to be joyful even in the midst of insanity!

    Sending you a wish for an even more wonderful night!


  5. I am grateful for good doctors that performed an unexpected surgery on my Saturday! And my sweet family who has been taking good care of me ever since.

  6. My kids and husband.
    Friends and family.
    The support on my new business venture.
    The gifts that God bestows upon me daily.

  7. I am so grateful for a good book, a happy baby, two loving older boys and an amazing husband, a fridge full of good food, and a life with such great friends. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Such lovely things to be grateful for.

    I am grateful for my family, friends, veggies growing well despite the heat, lazy summer days, my little man's laugh and the ability to see the simple things that make life grand.

    Have a lovely day.