Monday, July 30, 2012

Lessons Learned Camping

Bring many extra changes of clothes because tent sites don't have grass - crawling 10 month olds get dirty fast!

Time goes slowly so you really get to savor the moments.  There is no need to rush anything.

Bring jugs of water from home so you don't have to buy drinking water.

If you don't like your assigned camp site, take a walk and request one that you works for your family.  After finding a tiny postage stamp set on a hill assigned to our family, Sarah and i quickly walked around the other sites and found a perfect one - set apart with a small field and all wood behind us.  

Research the campground as well as you possibly can.  We were under the impression from the website pictures that the campground was set right on a lake.  Unfortunately, we had to cross a very busy road to get to the small beach and you could hear said road all night.

Bring tarps to make covers over the tents and a waterproof canopy over your table and food preparation area.  If it rains, which it did, you have to pack it up and head home.  We were sorry that we only had one night instead of the three we had planned and our time was cut short to spend with my mom and step-father.   

During our short time, though, Abby and Isaac had a bike ride on a bike path with "Nana and Grumps", we went to a farmers' market, enjoyed ice cream and swimming and many other moments together.

Hope you also had a weekend filled with special moments.
Warm wishes,

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  1. Thanks, Tonya, for all your camping tips! You are a brave mama to go with your large brood. We haven't even been once this season :( But we are having lots of beach days instead.
    xo Jules