Monday, May 21, 2012

Summery Weekend

Thank you so much for all of the sharing about food - I will continue to write more tomorrow on that topic.

Today I just want to share bits of our weekend.  Here in northern Vermont the weather was beautiful - summer like - so many wonderful moments.

sarah made friends with an injured swallowtail and has been keeping it close over the weekend

Mike, Emmy, and I went out saturday morning to stop at yard sales and do the food shopping for the week.  It was nice to be out together for the morning.  We found some treasures, but no little girl clothes like I was hoping.  Last night I thought I would attempt to sew Emmy a simple peasant top but became completely frustrated after just cutting out a pattern - sewing is just not something I am very good at.

Thomas, Isaac and Abby decided that the risk of getting leached was worth the enjoyment cooling off.  They would jump off the surf board and then quickly jump back on.  That surf board was left behind when we bought this home and now I am amazed at all the many uses the children have found for it.

After dinner saturday night we had our first campfire of the year.

with smores, off course

knitting by the fire - I seem to be getting more knitting done lately than gardening with little Emmy so mobile and having to keep her out of the sun while not being content to watch me work in the stroller for more than 10 minutes at a time or so.  So I am learning more about patience - just setting a goal of getting one vegetable or flower planted each day and asking the other children to help with Emmy as well.  The gardens are getting there but not at my  ideal pace - but that is what it is right now.

We have our campfire across the pond.  This is the view of our home from there at dusk.

How was your weekend?

warm wishes,


  1. Such a lovely weekend! You have a beautiful, idyllic little farm and a sweet family. Looks so great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a beautiful weekend Tonya. The weather looks perfect and warm.

    How I wish we had yard sales here is South Africa, they sound amazing and seem to have so many wonderful treasures...

    Your home is beautiful and that pond... you do live in a lovely place.

    Our weekend was busy but really productive, I even managed to fit in some knitting:)

    Take care

  3. beautiful! so much peace there. thank you for sharing it.

  4. What a simply wonderful weekend you all had. Mine was very much the same and those are my favorite! What a beautiful piece of country, where you live!

  5. A beautiful spring weekend, Tonya! Emmy is getting so big! Your littles look like they are enjoying the warmer weather.

  6. Your weekend sounds darn near perfect! We are in Northern NY so we enjoyed the same beautiful weather that you did. A taste of summer for sure!

  7. Your home looks so beautiful from across the pond, and what a beautiful setting in which to bring up you beautiful children. We are coming into our cold weather here in Australia. Still beautiful sunny warm days but cold enough at night for a fire. Just glorious to knit in font of, I think.

  8. I say it again... the simple life is the rich life. Just beautiful.

    Blessings, Debbie

  9. Dear Tonya...We recently had our first campfire of the season, too, and I am so happy to return to this simple and wonderful family tradition. I just love being outside with everyone busily at their fire-side tasks. And I have yet to be able to knit much around the fire, too. It is surprising how quickly, though, I find that that part passes and soon my little baby needs me less and less, especially with older siblings to help him. Your home is so picturesque...what a happy place :)
    xo Jules