Thursday, June 3, 2010

Work Tables

I snapped photos of our different work in progress "work tables" yesterday.

The above picture is of our stainless steel counter in our kitchen. Yesterday I baked bread, "healthy" chocolate chip cookies, and cinnamon cranberry muffins. I made egg salad for lunch (we have lots of eggs right now, although a fox killed one of our chickens yesterday...). Mike is working on a large wholesale order for our branch block walking blocks. You can see the branch pieces in the picture.

By 2:00 or so, the counter was completely clear to begin preparing for an early supper before Isaac's baseball game.

This is a concrete base that we figured out was built to hold a very large diving board (we found in the woods upon moving here). The holes in the concrete match up to those in the diving board and the pond is at its deepest point there.

For us it was being used yesterday to hold peeled logs that are to become our railing for our front steps; sun tea; and more cut branches drying to become branch walking blocks.

Blessings and warm wishes for a full and joyful day,


  1. Looks like a very productive day, your cookies look so good. I love seeing people do things from thier homesteads to generate income. Do you have trouble peeling your fresh eggs for egg salad?, I have a miserable time with them.

  2. Very busy day! Isn't it wonderful!?

  3. What a lovely peek at your work spaces. Your cranberry cinnamon muffins sound delicious. Would you share the recipe?

  4. Hi Tonya~your cookies and bread look delicious! I would love the recipe's~My husband ordered a year of your Handwritten Newsletter~he knows how much I enjoyed the last one! Egg salad is my husbands favorite. I make it a few times a week for him for lunch. The branch walking blocks look great. What we love about your items is the feel of the wood. My children love playing with your toys and just sitting and feeling the softness of the birch wood. Blessings,Rose

  5. I love seeing into someone else's life. You got a lot done. Have a blessed day:)

  6. Uh oh, I am so HOOKED on your blog. It is so wonderful and personal and I intend to visit as often as possible. I've visited a few times and now I am caught.

    LOVE your writing and projects.

    Thanks for everything,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  7. Looks like you are enjoying some wonderful and fulfilling work right now. How nice to see all that you family is doing. Hope you have a great weekend ahead

  8. Wonderful and inspiring. Would you share your bread recipe?

  9. Love what goes on at your house! so inspiring and peaceful!

  10. Thanks for sharing Tonya. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. I love how you all had a dream and are making it real each and everyday in your life. ((hugs))