Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Our two oldest are heading out tomorrow morning for ten days. They are attending a Christian Youth Conference in Kentucky. They are driving down with the leaders.
I am busy making them some muffins and chocolate chip cookies for their trip and gathering together their toiletry bag. They have only been away with their Poppa before for this length of time. I know they'll do fine, but I will certainly miss them.

Today I went into town to go to the Natural Foods Store, the Market, and the Thrift Shops. I try to only make the trip every two to three weeks even though it is just 25 minutes away. Shopping just takes up so much of a day, such precious time.
Had some great finds today - vintage pillowcases and children's books; shear curtains with calico blue stars appliqued on them (to brighten up our living room for the summer); jeans and a dress shirt for our sixteen year old son; shorts and shirt for our fourteen year old; sandals and two pairs of pants for Abraham; a skirt and top for me; and a throw rug for under the kitchen sink (to replace our terribly worn one which will now go out to the porch). All for $21.50!

I have been thinking lots about this post here. It is about stuff and how most of us simply have too much of it.

I have been smiling about ~

:: Sarah saying she is finger knitting yarn to sell in her own etsy shop

:: Day lilies blooming all around the pond

:: Frogs and chickens invading our home (I didn't snap a picture of any of the chickens - too busy trying to shoo them out.)

:: This cute curl growing longer

:: Finishing the day with my daughter, Abby, enjoying some cribbage and beginning the next book in the Little House Series, The Long Winter, while the rest of the family is off to Thomas' theater rehearsal. They are enjoying the nearby playground while Thomas is practicing and will be home later tonight.

Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. What a lovely day! Praying for a safe journey! Work on cooler weather, won't you? I am coming your way next week!

  2. Isn't it great what you can pick up at the thrift for so little!
    I watched that video a while ago as well, and can't stop thinking about it. Our idea of "need" is so altered by this material world.
    Thanks for sharing all those lovely moments.

  3. It sounds like your children are off to a grand adventure, but I certainly empathize with your missing them.
    I love your thrifted finds. Right now, I am editing my post for tomorrow about some finds I made over the weekend. I took a break to visit your blog and I find more thrifty goodness.
    We are reading The Long Winter right now too. However, you are more patient with frogs than I ever could be. They scare me so much, I would have just run out of the room.
    I do love this blogging mama community. It is a comfort to find so many families traveling down similar paths or with similar values and family traditions.

  4. I hope your oldest ones have fun! It's a rite of childhood to leave for camp (or youth conferences). We just began On The Banks of Plum Creek yesterday. :) The thrifting finds look wonderful!

  5. Wow, what an amazing deal you got on all those things from the thrift shop!

  6. Oooo! How fun! She's knitting something to put in her own shop. If she really does finish a project, I would be interested in buying it. For her experience and happiness! That is too wild and fun to not want to purchase. :) Cute, cute!

  7. Hope they have a great time and you don't miss them too much. Loving that curl! xx

  8. love all of the photos, but that little curl is just too cute!

  9. Oh, how I love vintage books. Sometimes I think I should colour copy the covers and frame them. I hear ya on the "stuff" issue. We are currently "un-stuffing" our house. Ridiculous how much has accumulated. Mostly thrifted and gifted, but still stuff.

  10. Hi Tonya~will you be sending out the Handwritten Newsletter for the Summer? I subscribed in the Spring but I guess I sent my order in too late because I did not get the Spring issue. Your Handwritten Newsletter is so wonderful to read! I love the recipe's and the stories~all the information you give us about keeping the home and etc. God bless,Rose

  11. What a find you have found at the thrift store. The children are just precious. sarah is just beautiful sitting finger knitting. Pray the other children will have a fun and safe journey. God Bless you and your family and you enjoy some down time.

  12. Oh yes...the stuff...I was so touched by that post! It's really got me thinking about the things that really matter, and the changes I want to make in our lives! Right now we are moving our 2 girls into their own bedrooms...this has given me a good opportunity to get a handle on all the excess!!
    (and to rethink any new purchases)!

    Oh...and that picture of a frog...they just come into your house????? My goodness...I have frogphobia...I don't know what I would do if I saw a frog in the house!!!!!!!!

    Good luck with your boys going away!!! Be strong!
    xo maureen

  13. Oh that curl! What a lovely head of hair on Abraham. Safe travels for your two oldest.

  14. great balane Tonya. Love the lilies by the pond...not so sure I'd love the chickens and the frogs in the house, but I'm sure it was good for some laughs. Happy fourth of July to you and your family.

  15. I will keep your children in my thoughts for a very safe journey. So much goodness in this post, and I wish you a wonderful long weekend ahead

  16. too cute!
    My little girl would just LOVE to have frogs visit uninvited.
    She absolutely adores frogs...