Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oil,Greed, and Conservation

I felt compelled to write about my reactions to the terrible disaster going on with oil pouring into the ocean in such vast amounts it is beyond our comprehension. Such vast amounts that it is reported in barrels instead of gallons to not sound as shocking perhaps.

The devastation of the untold numbers of wildlife, the thousands of people unable to work in the fishing or tourist industries, and the possible toll the oil will have on other people, creatures, industries, etc.. is very sad indeed. We are a country of dive right in if it means financial gain, worry about the possible consequences when they happen. It is amazing that there were not more shut off valves in place to guard against such an event.

While I do blame the company for lack of safety precautions and the government for lack of regulations, I also feel that each of us (almost all of us) are also to blame. We have such a thirst for cheap oil that the companies keep digging new oil rigs, keep searching for more oil in beautiful untouched reaches of our earth.

As a nation, we want to be able to drive our two or more cars all over the place whenever the urge strikes to go and buy goods or food that has often been produced in big factories that use amazing amounts of oil/gas/electricity and then the goods have to be transported often thousands of miles (many, many all the way from China) which of course also uses our natural resources. We want it cheap and we want it now.

If everyone thought through their every purchase; thought about every time they "needed" to drive somewhere; thought about where their food was coming from; thought about if they truly must turn on or even use all the electrical appliances in their house - demand would decrease.

I know I am probably too idealistic, but I believe that ONE does and can make a difference and that God does want us to care for this amazing earth we have been given.

Suzy and her family are an example of a movement toward conservation. You can read lots more here.

You can learn more about a movement led by Bill McKibben at

Until we let go of our reliance on oil and each person learns to live a life of conservation, the earth is at continued risk. I know this post is different than our usual homestead updates. However, as a family, we do choose to live lightly on this earth and to be ever mindful of how our every action has a chain reaction. Our family has so very far to go and sometimes we don't make the best decisions but this oil spill has made it even clearer to me that each of us is responsible, not just the big oil company and not just our government.

Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. Tonya - you speak the truth. Although your words were not met to comfort me - I am comforted by them because I join you in these exact thoughts.

    Many blessings our Earth,

  2. a great post. i completely agree! we have a long way to go, but we are trying to do our part.

  3. Im with you Tonya. People, myself included, all continue to live our everyday life as if we are indestructible. I thought it would've been a good call as soon as the disaster happened to demand all people stop driving their cars. That's more oil. If they needed to get somewhere they could walk. Sound ridiculous to anyone? Well, not so much as this disaster!! This spill has cause more damage then ever in the history of this planet and will NEVER EVER be able to be made up in any price or time allotment. So devastating. Thanks for verbalizng about it. We need to start thinking about big change NOW!

  4. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I have been considering posting more about this on my blog but you said everything I want to say on the subject. I appreciate you being so bold. The Drill baby drill mindset has to stop. I am bicycling more and thinking through all my trips and uses in the household. I feel I am not alone when reading a post like yours.

  5. Dear Tonya,
    Thank you so much for writing this post! I cannot imagine the devastation that is going on, it is tremendously sad when I think about it. I came across a blog writing about helping in some way, here is the link
    They will be making hand towels and wash cloths to clean the animals covered in oil and they are asking for people to help make cloths and send in if they can. I think this is a great idea and such a positive action taken in the light of such an awful situation. I will blog about it today on my blog:)

  6. Thank you for your wise words.

  7. Ya know, you beat me to this post!!! I have been debating and debating on whether or not I should post about the oil crisis on my blog (in the end I haven't---yet) but here's the thing, I am not really mad at all at BP (okay maybe a little) but WE are the ones we need to be mad at!!! If we didn't want tons of oil to drive our SUV's everywhere and get our oil CHEAP then there would be NO NEED for BP's drilling. BP i just doing their job ya know? Right before this crisis happened my hubby and I realized this, now he bikes to work EVERYDAY 21.5 miles!!!! and we only have one car which we use once a week. Then this happened and now we are so glad about the choice we made, and feel even guilty for using the once 1x a week!!!!

    Thanks for this post I'm glad someone thinks like me!!!


  8. I think you took the words out of our mouths! Truly, when we choose simple living, less stuff, even less money, our lives begin to truly prosper, and our planet can begin to recover from the damage that's been inflicted upon it. People's priorities are so messed up these days...I know of countless families who have 2 or more cars, atv's, boats, trailers, and then they work like crazy, never see their kids, just to pay for it all...all the while guzzling up more of our world's precious resources. That being said though, it is reassuring to me, that we have this community of mamma bloggers, and we get to see that we are all actively making changes to improve our own lives and life on this planet. Perhaps disgust over this oil spill will make those who are hard(er) to reach, wake up and start making some changes of their own. Perhaps this disgusting event will have a silver lining of some kind. (I pray that it will)

  9. Spoken so wonderfuly and may God continue to Bless you with the wisdom to be able to speak out to the world through your blog.Thumbs up!!!!

  10. Hi Tonya~God has given us His most beautiful creation and most people do not give thanks. They abuse His creation and then blame the Creator for such senseless disasters. Since the early 1950's we have been on a down-road spiral toward destroying the earth. I see fancy Hummers going down my street when we don't even have any rough terrain~it is just a status symbol~how sad! The earth will never recover because there are too many proud and greedy people in this world. These people need a change of heart. They want to build on every inch of this land with ugly buildings.The corporations just keep cutting down the trees and taking over the land for their own greed. I know this sounds harsh but it is so true. It is awful. The only thing we can do is our part. We can read and educate ourselves about our planet earth and do everything we can to help our environment get healthier little by little. The politics of greed is ruining our earth. I wonder sometimes if the earth will even be livable for my grandchildren. Rose

  11. I am all for going back to walking, riding a bicycle or horse. We would all be in better shape, physically, mentally and financially.
    Maybe use trains for the occasional long distance trips. That would be better for the environment and a way more interesting and fun way to travel. Not to mention, people who need to talk on their cell phones won't be endangering other drivers.
    I know it's not likely to happen but a nice dream...

  12. My heart is soothed by the post and especially by the comments, because it shows that there are like minds out there. Along with restricting our cars, how about saying no to imported goods too. Eating locally is another thing we can all do to not be a part of the huge ammounts of fuel used to ship food to the other side of the world. It's crazy that in Australia, we ship fruit, seafood, grains, meats etc and THEN WE IMPORT THEM!!!...from somewhere else!!!! Our planet cannot support this madness. Do you know where your food comes from?

  13. Thank you for these words, Tonya- you have eloquently summed up my feelings exactly!

  14. Very well said. Our voices will join together and perhaps become part of the necessary shift in society that is so desperately needed.

  15. It's so sad this oil spill is! It's really sad too that we have to try so hard to break free from the chains of this oil thirsty society that we live in. Folks like your family and ours who have chosen to produce not consume, and to live off our land......that's a step in the right direction.....a step towards a peaceful revolution.

  16. i'm participating in the craft hope project too! i can't believe that the spill is continuing - i'm also visualizing stoppage with lisa.

  17. Thank you for that. I am glad you spoke up.

  18. Tonya, Thanks for a wonderful post. I had the same thoughts! It is heart warming and strengthening to know that many of us are willing to stand up and make change happen. All the best to you and yours.