Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sun Made Iced Tea

The weather is just amazing here and yesterday after lunch I remembered how perfect some cold tea would taste today as it is even warmer.

Into each quart canning jar, I placed 2 tea bags and 4 teaspoons honey and set outside to warm and brew.

Bring inside to cool and then refrigerate. Serve with ice and a slice of lemon.

Enjoy the beauty that is around you. Have a blessed Easter.
Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. hi Tonya!
    we used to make sun tea when I was a kid. so yummy!

  2. I love sun tea! Isn't this weather amazing??

  3. I've never made sun tea before, but I love the idea. No need to turn on a burner or a kettle in warm weather!

  4. I love sun tea too. Beautiful images. And your honey looks amazing! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. ...and your new blue chairs get some great use, for making tea! Enjoy the sunshine.


  6. we make sun tea all the time. i think it
    tastes better, because it brews more

    happy easter, because He is risen!

  7. I have been making sun tea this last week too! Happy Easter! He is Risen indeed!

  8. Yay for sun tea!
    Mmm... it is that time of year again isn't it for homemade tea and lemonade : ) The last photo is so beautiful Tonya! Yes, enjoy the beauty that is around you I like that! Happy Easter xoxo

  9. We use two tea bags in 2 quarts of water for our sun tea. Might take a little longer to brew but works every time. I am enjoying your blog. I found you from Rhonda's comment section. Sarah