Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Connections

Today I want to share a bit about a friend of mine, Reba. Reba and her family moved to the northeast kingdom of Vermont with their six children and built a straw bale home on ten acres and lived without electricity for a couple of years. All of their children are now grown and they continue to live simply and grow much of their own food. Both Reba and her husband work with their hands for their livelihood.

She and her family have been a wonderful example to our family and visiting with them on their homestead always brings a sense of warmth and peace.

In addition to all the many homesteading skills Reba has acquired and practices, she is also a talented artist. One of her many gifts is print making. Recently she opened her own shop at etsy and I thought I might share some of her work here at Friday Connections.

She hand carves her stamps usually in linoleum or potatoes.

Warm wishes for a beautiful weekend. Our family is going on our yearly trek to Cape Cod to stay with my mom and step-father in a house they rent on a beautiful inlet down a quiet dirt road. We plan to spend lots of time playing in the sand and biking and just being.


  1. Tonya, such beautiful cards. Thank you for sharing. Hope you enjoy some quiet time at the Cape. I spent my summers there as a child, and I have such wonderful memories

  2. Tonya, those cards are beautiful, thank you for sharing her story. I hope that you enjoy some very relaxing time at the Cape. I spent my summers there as child, and I have such wonderful memories of that time

  3. Those cards are very lovely. I used to love print making when I was younger--I wonder if I'll ever get back into it?

    I hope you and your family have a beautiful trip, Tonya. It sounds like a lovely place you'll be going to.


  4. Thanks for the introduction to another awesome etsian! What a cool card. :) She sounds like a very inspiring friend to have.

  5. your family is a marvel to me. i applaud
    your convictions, and your children will
    be a blessing to you.

  6. What beautiful cards those are, I too have a very inspiring friend and every time I visit her I come back full of enthusiasm!

  7. Lucky! Have a fun time.

  8. lovely cards. ten acres and a straw bale home sound magical to me! though i am sure it was a lot of hard work!

  9. Beautiful cards thanks for sharing...:)

  10. beautiful cards...I especially like the matroyshka one!

  11. On my way to go check out Reba's shop! And I have to admit, I'm very envious of your summer on the cape. My hubby spent many summers there, and so did I as a child.
    I miss the ocean!
    Have a wonderful time!

  12. I am going to check out her shop! I have some wonderful members of spending the summer in Cape Cod! Hope you have a great trip!

  13. Thanks so much for the suggestion ... Reba's work is just wonderful!

  14. Tonya,

    She had contacted me about doing a label for the farm; I accidentily deleted her email address and couldn't send her the scan of our logo. Would you mind asking her to email me again?