Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Handwork and Science

Nolan took a white carnation out of a bouquet I received over the weekend, split the stem in half and put each half in a different jar. He then added green coloring in one jar and yellow in the other. By the next morning the carnation was half green and half yellow.

I have known of this experiment for a long time, but when I saw the outcome I was awestruck. We truly are what we eat. Yes, we eat whole foods and I cook and bake 90% from scratch and buy organic or grow our own as much as possible. However, even eating one package of M&Ms, for example, I can now just imagine all of the colors and chemicals filling the insides of my body or the body of a child and being absorbed. Yeck!

I am working on an embroidery piece to add to a gift I am sewing for my Mom for her birthday and as I was embroidering at the table yesterday while some of the children where finishing up some book work, all three chimed in that they would like to embroider too. I was grateful that I had saved small hoops that I had found years ago at a yard sale. We took some white cotton fabric and they each drew a simple design or words and picked a color of cotton floss. We enjoyed an hour together (the little one was napping) sewing and talking. I kept pushing all the thoughts of unfinished chores that needed attending out of my mind to enjoy those precious moments.
Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. Oh Tonya, what a picture you paint with the m&m pulsing through our bodies, and of course right after Easter when most of us did indulge. I had to chuckle. What a wonderful moment you were able to spend with your children embroidering. Those memories are so presious. Blessings,to you.

  2. Housework will always be there but moments to be with our children enjoying crafting and being should be embraced.


  3. I had forgotten about that experiment, eesh, I remember thinking the same thing when the boys and I looked at their results! I too am now imagining those Easter m&ms coursing thru me, aish, however on the bright side pastels are my favorite colors! :)
    I love those little gifts from God, the moments that come out of nowhere and allow us a few quiet moments to create awesome sounds like a wonderful day. I still remember my Mom teaching me embroidery.
    I hear we may get some snow this weekend down in West Dover...LOL, only in VT ;)

  4. Wow, this was so powerful. Thank you Tonya for the reminder that we are what we eat.

  5. Wonderful reminder of how magnificently God designed us!

    The picture of you all sitting and stitching together does my heart good. How sweet and what a way to build family communication!



  6. sometimes when I find those moments of together time with the kids I too have to remind myself that this is the most important thing I can be doing. how wonderful to have that time with your kids.

  7. I know - having children has made me even more aware of this - this year I was able to ask grandparents to send non candy gifts for Easter and I filled the basket with things like beeswax from you!, books, a new stainless steel sippy cup, felted and wooden eggs, and a few pieces of candy from TJ's that were made with vegetable dyes, no corn syrup, and no preservatives or artificial flavors - YEA!

  8. A fun experiment that we have also done at our house!
    I have recently been teaching one of my daughters how to embroider also.


  9. Dear Tonya,

    How funny that you should mention "you are what you eat"~ I was just thinking about that very thing before reading your blog! It is so important to think about what effect every little thing has that we put in our bodies, and quite a responsibility!

    We love to sit and embroider together, too; it's such a centering activity, isn't it?



  10. I still have (and treasure) my first attempts at embroidery. My mom took the time to teach me and I am forever grateful. What memories you are making!
    ~ Cynthia

  11. I know what you mean about food dyes. I dye yarn with food dyes. What do our innards look like? I like this picture of the children embroidering. I push chores aside for the sake of creativity all the time! My poor, Beth

  12. Love it. This past thanksgiving I traced there hands and they embroidered them they were fun and cute( we never did turn them into something,guess we will save that for next thanksgiving:)

  13. I think the same thing whenever I see a package of M&Ms. All those chemicals.

    You were so right to put off the chores for time with your little ones, but I know how hard it can be when things need tending.

    I've just started embroidering myself and am anxious to get my eldest girl started. Hoping to find some thrifted hoops as well!

  14. That is a cool experiment. I'll show my son this so he can see what dyes do to our bodies, too. I've been teaching him "food science" in hopes that he will make wise decisions even when I'm not around. My dad said he turned down a chocolate candy bar the other day all on his own. I was so proud!

  15. My boy will sit down and do an embroidery project if I sit down, too... I love seeing what kids come up with to "draw" with thread! And, it's a life-long skill; my oldest, now 13.5, knows she can draw *any* design she likes, and embroider it on *anything* she owns, to create her own unique styles. She does things like that as gifts for friends, too.

    Do you give your children direct instruction in the stitches, or do you let them discover stitches for themselves? I've done a mix of the two, which seems to work pretty well with mine.

    Looking at your pictures, I think it's time to find my small hoops again. :)

  16. Beautiful moments. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just live in them. Thanks.