Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fun and Healthy Snacks

Hmmm, there sure have been a lot of posts about food lately. The long winter draws us inside more which offers time for trying new recipes.
Our daughter, Abby (nine years old) has been reading through a book we have on one of our bookshelves, The Busy Book for Toddlers. With Abraham now two, she has been looking for fun activities to engage him.
The book also includes some fun recipes and she has made two recipes that involve bananas.
Bananas are the only foreign fruit we buy year round. Otherwise, we buy seasonally and avoid buying oranges except for at Christmas and lemons just on special occasions for lemonade on a hot summer day or to make a loaf of lemon tea bread.

Back to bananas - here are two wonderful snacks to make with bananas that we made over the last week.

Banana Cookies

Slice bananas into circles and roll in crushed graham crackers

Bananas, Honey and Wheat Germ

(They gobbled these up so fast that I didn't get the camera quickly enough.)

Mix some honey with a little milk in a small bowl if it is very thick. Put a small amount of wheat germ in a second bowl. Cut a banana in half and cut into smaller "stick" pieces. Dip in honey first and then wheat germ.
Warm wishes, Tonya


  1. We'll have to try those! Finn will only eat cinnamon bananas these days. Bananas sliced and sprinkled with cinnamon.

  2. Henry would love these. I am going to make them today!

  3. I'm curious about why you avoid oranges and lemons?

  4. I used to do the same thing with the bananas and honey, except I'd mix peanut or almond butter with them and then freeze them for "ice cream." As cold as it is, they could go outside and be ready in a few minutes! Yummers!

  5. We try not to eat too many foods that have to travel thousands of miles to reach us ... to leave a lighter footprint.
    Warm wishes,

  6. Those look so good. Thanks for sharing.

  7. those sound so good and mom's been cooped up due to a snow storm and she says she's cooking a baking like a fool. I think it's the winter weather that revs everyone up to cook.

  8. these sound yummy - we eat a lot of bananas. your little guy is beautiful. I just read your last post on entertaining - sounded like such a wonderful time. we don't entertain much because it's so much easier just to get everyone in bed by 8 and have the evening to myself. i think i'll ask some friends to come join us for dinner next week. thanks for the inspiration!

  9. My little one would love these, bananas are his new favorite thing, he loves pointing them out in the grocery store. It's nice to meet you Tonya, I'm one of your valentine swap partners. Steph :)

  10. This will be perfect for our afternoon snack today!
    I was so glad to see your name on the Valentine Swap list.
    I've got to get mine finished up and in the mail!

  11. Great ideas! I'm going to try this with my boys for sure.