Monday, July 27, 2009


I have pictures to go along with this that I need to load up when I return home.
Just wanted to start writing a bit of the story of my trip to Connecticut this past Saturday.
This was to be my first long distance trip without Mike (my husband) with all six children. Since the oldest is 15 1/2, I felt pretty confident and with prayer and faith we headed on our journey at noon on Saturday.

I had planned out the trip figuring that mapquest predicted 4 hours 45 minutes, that I would plan on 6 hours with the stops and driving a bit more slowly. Our stops were first about 1 hour and 30 minutes into the trip at a large truck stop with nice bathrooms and soft serve icecream. Abraham (18 months) fell right asleep and I woke him up at the first stop. Icecream was enjoyed by all and Abraham was content during the next almost two hours, when we stopped in Greenfield, MA at McDonalds for the bathroom and small fries for all. You know how eating just one french fry at a time can keep children happy for some time. (We never eat at McDonalds except for this very occasion). Second stop was a success.

Now, after getting back on the highway, the suburban (a 1992 with over 200,000 miles) began to shake very badly and seemed to be getting worse. The next exit was for route 116 which I was somewhat familiar with as I went to college at UMass, Amherst. I saw the sign for the Yankee Candle Company just ahead and pulled into the far parking lot, next to some grass. Of course, I was praying constantly as the shaking worsened.

We also don't have a cell phone. I said ok children, I am going in and going to ask where the nearest garage is and to use a phone to call my mother (where I was headed). Inside the Yankee Candle Store (a giant place with beautiful grounds - we were so blessed by this), a man was ever so gracious and let me use the phone and talked to me about what was going on and my options, etc. However, because it was nearly 4:00 on Saturday, there was not a garage open.

I phone my Mom and she said she would be on our way to get us and I presumed that we might be able to drive the truck the just over one mile it would be to the garage and would have to come back on Monday or Tuesday to get it.

Well, at about 5:30 pm while walking around the truck I noticed the rear tire was nearly off! What emotions went through my body - we were so blessed to be safe. All that remained were three lug nuts that I could unscrew with my hands.

Now, things looked a bit different, maybe there was a way to get the truck to my Mom's house and get it fixed somewhere near her.

Meanwhile over these two hours at the Yankee Candle Company, the six children and I toured the stores, romped through the beautiful grounds, played a game on the grass, had fresh drinks available in the store and clean bathrooms. God is good.

I will type more upon arriving home hopefully tomorrow safe and sound - we did make it to Connecticut with the truck at about 9:00 pm Saturday night and the truck is being repaired right now at a local garage. However, our stay is extended one day.

More to come...


  1. Praise the Lord! I love testimony time! God is good, all the time!

  2. You should have called me, you were right near me. Could have helped and visited:-) Glad you got to your Mom's safely.