Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More of God's Presence

Please read the post below for the first part of this story.

What stands out most in my experience of nearly losing a tire on the highway is the wonderful people that God put in my way. First, the worker at the Yankee Candle Museum kindly offered me the phone that is just for employees, called another worker to brainstorm my family's options, looked up the phone number for the local garage and was just plain and simply kind.

Then after I figured out that it was the tire that had nearly fallen off the truck (an hour and a half after we had been at the Yankee Candle Complex), I waited for my mother to arrive, thinking she may have my step-father with her. When she came by herself, I again went into the Yankee Candle store and talked to another wonderful employee in the restaurant (as the store had closed at 6:00 pm), and she said not a problem, she would call the property maintenance worker and he would be right out to help me with the tire. Not only was he a very nice man, but he had lots of experience with working on cars. He tightened up the three existing lug nuts (the other three had fallen off), and after much thought, told us we could make it to Connecticut (to my Mom's) if we stopped every 20 - 30 minutes to tighten the nuts and to travel at a speed of 50 mph.

While waiting in the parking lot, we were encouraged by another person, a sweet mother who was leaving the parking lot with her two children. She asked if we were ok and I told her we were waiting for family to come and help. She looked in her cooler and said, I have 6 juice boxes left, that looks just right for your children. Another blessing.

Here is a picture of the children playing a game on the far end of a parking lot.

Here is a picture of the beautiful flowers on the grounds.

It turns out that our mechanic forgot to tighten the nuts on Friday when he removed the tire to repair a brake line. My husband was able to practice being meek when phoning him on Sunday after listening to a sermon on the same that morning at church. He admitted his error and we all move forward celebrating the life we have been given.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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  1. i was really blessed by your post! not sure how i found your blog.......:) but thank you for sharing such a great story and looking for the blessings in what undoubtedly was a inconvenience!
    God bless!