Monday, September 7, 2015

The Refugee Crisis


  1. I live in Devon U.K we are currently collecting clothing, sleeping bags and tents which are being taken over to Calais at the end of the month to help the people in the camps there. My friends son has just returned from working for a year in a refuge in Syria, he tells some very harrowing stories.
    I love your blog and read it regularly.

  2. I'm a reader from Germany. Hundreds of refugees are flooding in daily. Today I heard the story of a eight year old boy who is all by himself (lost his family on the way). What we do? We give away money, clothes, toys. I pray with my daughters every night. We cry because this crisis brings out the worst in people. We are overjoyed because this crisis brings out the best in people. Europe will never be the same...

    1. Veronika,
      Would you mind emailing me - Wondering if you belong to or know a church near you that perhaps my church could partner with as the US hasn't let in so many refugees at this point - but there is a movement trying to get our government to do so. But for now, that may be something tangible to do right away.

  3. Like Helen, we are collecting items for Calais- it's mostly young men there, many are unaccompanied teenagers. Hopefully this will be ready to go next week, then we will collect for the women and children, who are mainly in Greece and Turkey. There is someone collecting baby slings, so that mothers have a way to carry their babies once they arrive on the boats (if they make it, as many don't) there are a couple of Amazon wish lists for Calais and for Kos kindness. The Church of Scotland is working in Malta alongside MOAS, another wonderful charity which rescues people in trouble on the he sea. They pick up hundreds each week. our government is not doing as much as they should to help these poor people, so it's the ordinary folk who are organising themselves. Xx