Monday, September 21, 2015

Life's Joys and Sorrows

An abundance of apples from our trees - two apple pies, two batches of apple crisp, and apple muffins so far.

A sweet little baby goldfinch  with one bad eye that Sarah nurtured and took care of for three days before Emmy brought her outside and our dog ended her life quickly.  

Emmy's 4th birthday yesterday!  Abby made the cake.  Emmy is all about princesses right now and she still loves singing, dancing, and delighting us all with her bright big eyes full of wonder and delight.  Four is such a wonderful age.


  1. Happy birthday your your little princess.

  2. They grow so quickly! Happy Birthday Emmy! Condolences to Sarah--that's hard. Great job on the cake Abby! Life is certainly full of the both joy and sorrow. Thank you for sharing both.

  3. What a lovely cake. Happy Birthday Emmy!