Saturday, September 12, 2015

Beyond My Comfort Zone

Do you ever feel like it would just be easier to keep your mouth quiet - to not work at change - to not try to help - to not listen to those crying out in need.  To just not get involved.  I mean why risk feeling alone, uncomfortable, isolated, or like an outcast?

Instead - wouldn't it be so much easier to simply go along with what our leaders (both in the church and government)  say or what the culture of our day dictates?  Wouldn't it be easier to justify inaction by being content, enjoying  the beauty that is all around, and by finding the simple joys in everyday life? 

I know down in the deep parts of my heart, though, that it must be possible to do both.  To both stand up for change when there is injustice, and to also be content at the very moment where God puts you - noticing the simple joys of the day.


  1. "what the culture of our day dictates?' Goodness no! There is no way I could spend my days going along with what culture deems acceptable, shudder.
    I spend my days knowing this is just a blink in eternity and I try to look beyond this world. I can not imagine NOT trying to help those in need, I just wish I could do more.

  2. I think you're right, it is possible to do both. In fact, I think they're interconnected. "Noticing the simple joys of the day" provides the energy to "stand up for change where there is injustice." When I look at my world with wonder and gratitude, it energizes me to sign a petition or call my legislator or join a rally or clean out my closet and take the excess to a local mission, or write a letter to the editor, or make a donation. I would be "beyond my comfort zone" if I noticed only the simple joys of the day when so many people are struggling so hard just to get by they never have such moments.

  3. I am often told that I am "old-fashioned & out of step with the times", & my reply is usually "Yes, I know, but the current times don't look so well to me & what I believe. Thanks for sharing your life & activities. Mary Ann Cauthen

  4. (I just lost my internet connection so this might be duplicated somewhat). Yes! Do both. Stand up for what is moral and right. Yet also enjoy God's gifts of beauty. If we don't, we might lose hope. AndreaC

  5. there in lies the catch.....and the balance we all must walk