Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Common Ground Fair

Something on my wish list for many years, we were able to go to this past weekend.
We went on Saturday and it wouldn't surprise me if there were record crowds that day.  With a brilliant blue sky and the temperature about 68 degrees, one couldn't have asked for more.
So many people, but most with happy faces, smiling, enjoying one another and their children.

There is a whole separate area designed for children - hulling and thrashing beans, hammering nails (children hammering with full size hammers within feet of one another - imagine that!).  There was cardboard hill sliding by the band tent.  So many children laughing, forming instant "friendships", and getting along.  Dust flying up everywhere because it has been dry for so long.

One of the highlights for our entire family was the sheep herding with the collies.  We also enjoyed some demonstrations about making sunflower oil and of course, I was drawn to all of the wool.

My purchases included the yarn pictured from Hope Spinnery that was naturally dyed with indigo.  I am using it to knit the the Ria Vest Pattern.  I also loved the artwork by Toki Oshima and found out that she teaches classes to homeschoolers nearby.

This fair is huge and we certainly didn't see everything.  By mid afternoon, we knew that our younger children had reached their limits for the day so we headed out to the trail through the woods that leads back to the hay field that had become a parking lot.


  1. Such lovely yarn and artwork! Sounds like a wonderful time for everyone:-)

  2. Fun! We have been there 4 times and loved it so much. Wish it wasn't such a big trip from western VT. :)

  3. I have read about this fair before. I would love to go someday. I am glad you had a good time.

  4. We were also at the fair for our first time and loved it. We also bought some artwork from Toki - I love her style! The dust hill sledding was a big hit with my daughter.